Walnut Shell Intake Blasting BMW Service in Escondido

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A BMW driver will experience a rough running engine, lack of power, a check engine light, a power drop at varying RPM ranges or even noise due to the valve not completely closing from a heavy build-up.


Modern BMW engines are often direct injection, as this process allows for advantages in fuel consumption as compared to conventional fuel injection, as well as yielding more power with an engine of identical displacement. The fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder and not in the intake tract. As a consequence, the fuel injectors are no more placed before the intake valve, but directly in the cylinder itself.

The disadvantage of this is that the regular bathing and cleaning of the intake valves by way of the fuel that they are exposed to does not happen any more. The end result is build-up on the back side of the intake valve and the walls of the intake port. Causing a restriction at the most restricted area of the inlet tract.

Affected Models

Only BMW’s with direct injection are affected by this issue. BMW first offered direct injection with the 760Li E65/66 and in the 2007 335i models.

BMW engines with direct injection.

BMW models with direct injection


Cleaning carbon build-up inside an engine can be a very costly and laborious routine. But thankfully BMW has devised special equipment to allow for intake port cleaning with the engine assembled and in the car. The procedure uses walnut shells ground to between .45 and .80mm or SAE20/30. Walnut blasting is just like sand blasting but uses walnut shells which as organic soft abrasives will not damage the intake valve, valve guide, or intake port. This same process is used to clean aircraft engines, delicate electrical circuit boards, and has been around since the late 1800’s. Here at North County Motor Works we strive to offer everything possible to keep your BMW running great and outperforming the competition, and until now this special BMW equipment has only been available at the dealer at a much higher cost.

BWM intake before walnut shell blasting BWM intake before walnut shell blasting
BWM intake after walnut shell blasting BWM intake after walnut shell blasting